Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Passport is renewed - Time for action!

I am waiting for my renewed Passport to be delivered to take the opportunity to visit my global friends. One very specific friend I would love to meet is Suzanne Stephens beause i feel now is the time ...
  •   you will see my note to her.  "So i was saying my mind wanders back to.... one of my biggest challenges is my struggles to attachedment and for that reason I have brought inspirationalsmiles blog to a close. Now i have begun the below blog and you will see i mention Montel Williams and that I know some yoga teachers on his continent. Ermm that would be you! My good friend Paulina took the previledge of being the first to follow me.... but i would love you to follow me..."
 LOL i just have to have some patience, but my friends who know me are truly aware of what a large significant challenge that is for me... but I do like a good challenge :- I just want him to try yoga, and he will see.
  •!/profile.php?id=1192940300&ref=ts       MONTEL WILLIAMS could not accept my friend request but i have now joined his  It is all about setting an intention. I have sent Messages to Montels page and provided my random thoughts. He is on a mission to get legalised to help him and other MS'ers manage their pain. Today I have sent another friends request "You are about to add Montel Williams as a friend. We will then notify Montel, who will have to confirm that you are friends." and then i added the below simple message "
  •  I did want to send "Hello Montel :-) We share the not only the same diagnosis but also the same mission. Please make me a friend and see what i have done so far, perhaps we could build on more than a cyber friendship.You will see this when you look at my new blog and my fundraising page  with a poor quality video that is worth watching and links that are very relevant.The blog that i have recently completed and don't forget when i completed the London Marathon for the MS in 2007 in only 13 5 hours ! Please?"
  • but was told "Do you know this user personally? To prevent misuse of Facebook, this request cannot be sent. To learn more, please visit the Help Center. If you believe you're seeing this message in error, you can report the problem"
  • so i sent the message Subject -I live in the uk but share your diagnosis and mission but perhaps i can help you. - "we are on the same mission and perhaps, i can help with your Pain managment.I look forward to your acceptance of my friend request :-)" so we wait and see....
I look forward to being able to give some positive updates :-)
I just want to help, and share the benefits of yoga I have discovered, my MS may not be cured but it is a very useful tool to manage it!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If it hurts what could help? It's really is nature's most effective medicine.

If it hurts what could help? - Relax and Simply breathe.....

Use your breath for pain or times of tension and stress. 
If music is restful for place quietly or you may prefer silence.
  1. Stage one: take a breathe for set comfortable count (count 4) 
  2. Stage two: hold the breath and imagine it engulfing the pain (or whatever is affecting you)
  3. Stage Three: steadily realease the breath for a little longer count (count 6). Imagine the problem is being releived a little as you exhale
  4. Stage Four: Natural pause after breath focus of you favourite positive affirmation
  5. and then begin again,The more breaths are focus the greater the potential benefit.

Then when you have completed you structured breaths.
Rest for a while with your natural breath to get the full benefit.

Montel Williams. I posted this with you in mind. I would be happy to help if you would like to consider a drug method of pain relief, bring to you or I could recommend one of many  yoga teacher friends based in America, that have an understanding of Multiple Sclerosis.

It helps me!  I hope to be able help you and other MSer's and sufferers of any kind of illness xx

me with my Jessica x
Cuddles are always good.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Yoga Teacher training workshop, how to help people living with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

Yoga as Transformation

Karen Mascoll's daily yoga practice helps her overcome many symptoms of the Multiple Sclerosis she was diagnosed with eleven years ago. Here, she tells her story.

How did you discover yoga?karen mascoll multiple sclerosis yoga
I found yoga five years ago; classes were free as part of membership when my husband and I joined our local gym. I tried a range of classes.

Anita Anand, my first yoga instructor and now good friend, lead the hatha class, and was an excellent, inspiring teacher as I struggled through and improved gradually.

Now my tree does not fall, it just wobbles a little! Since  then I have met and connected with several yoga teachers, including Thendara Kida.

I am now poised to take a training course to become a yoga teacher and will be
eternally grateful to Clive Mayhew, the founder, who instigated and helped me to achieve this dream.

When were you diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis?
I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in Feb 1998 - the next year, I launched my efforts to improve my health and to manage my symptoms of my MS.

I changed to a vegetarian diet, researched allergies and food intolerances, reduced my stressors, had counselling, and fought to get the drugs that were available but initially not given due to the then NICE guidelines.

I have always followed an exercise-rich lifestyle but have poor balance, perhaps I had always felt a little discouraged from paying out for an exercise routine I knew was difficult, before any diagnosis.

What style of yoga do you practice now? karen mascoll multiple sclerosis yoga
I enjoy hatha but I have tasted other styles; I attended a yoga weekend retreat and have tried kundalini. I am open to all types of yoga but I love the challenge hatha gives me.

How has MS affected your mobility and physical abilities?
In February 1998 I was diagnosed with 'relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis 'and so began the worst year of my life when I felt my future of possibilities had been stolen from me.

My symptoms include poor balance; lack of energy; forgetfulness; exhaustion; bladder and bowel problems; poor concentration. I also have muscle spasms, difficulty swallowing, and stiffness and weakness in my muscles, and visual problems.

In what way has yoga helped your physical condition? 
Yoga prepares me to enjoy my day. I begin each day with some sun salutations while listening to breakfast TV as I ease myself into the day.

Sometimes I perform some double leg lifts to strengthen my tummy muscle, and incorporate some splits at the top of the lift to add to the flexibility to my hips.

Yoga has also helped with bowl problems and made symptoms more manageable.
I have also found my breathing skills are a key tool to manage my pain.

In what way has yoga helped you live with MS, psychologically?
In addition to the above direct physical benefits I feel my yoga practice helps me to maintain my optimistic persona. As well as my daily practice, I attend a two or three classes a week that involves a greater diversity of poses.

Also I have found a greater sense of community in these classes than, say, aerobics classes. Yoga seems to me to be more spiritual and brings me peace.

For more information about MS and its symptoms, see 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Harmony in Croydon


I have an idea of rejuvenating the old Ashburton Library, which has been lying empty and utilised. Such a shame!
I was born in Croydon 1966 and have witnessed many changes, many good and also aware of changes that still need to made. I would love to help Croydon be rejuvenated for our future generations.
My  vision can easily be merged  with the community's shared vision, and taking into account the diverse nature of Croydon and support those who need it and provide an arena to provide the necessary place of harmony in Croydon and support to the community.
I confidently declare, the only way to truly experience my enthusiasm and my ability to make our dream materialise is to meet me. I hope to be the conduit for more than the  positive change that brings to the community - but to also become a Croydon Community Advocate    !
Photobucket           Photobucket

Monday, September 6, 2010

Smilie Yogi: Hello and Welcome Smilie Yogi 's Journal

Smilie Yogi: Hello and Welcome Smilie Yogi 's Journal: " as well as promoting my fundraising for the Croydon branch of the MS society"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hello and Welcome Smilie Yogi 's Journal

Photobucket as well as promoting my fundraising for the Croydon branch of the MS society  upto now I have regulary update this journal and hope all my followyers  now join me on this new journal as I become a more experienced yoga teacher - still learning, as we always are but now becoming more captable.

Thank to all who have had faith in me - especially Clive Mayhew , Simon Lowe , my friends who have supported me at the Croydon branch of the MS society, all my global friends who have encouraged me and especially to a mysterious benefactor who contributed towards the schlarship.

Photobucket is coming soon but at the moment...


How do I see myself as a yoga teacher?

I will introduce the benefits of yoga to my students to help them achieve their own unique potential. I encourage my student so to utilise the opportunity to enjoy the group practice energy. Focused Intensive one2one instruction enables my students given specialised individual support with additional group classes to enjoy.

Karen Mascoll - Yoga academy teacher training tt8

but also I am going to design workshops:
  • to explain to yoga teachers who want to help people with Multiple Sclerosis - what it is and how it can affects you, and how yoga can help!
  • to explain to people who live with Multiple Sclerosis that they can benefit from practicing yoga, no matter how badly disabled they are. If you can breathe you can benefit from yoga!