Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Panic - Noooooooooooo and Breathe...............

Ok, it has been incredibly busy and alot of stuff that does need doing. 
I won't be pressing any

Thankfully I can use breathe to keep PANIC at bay 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yoga Health and Education Trust Remedial Retreat

Remedial Residential Event Sun 6th-Fri 11th, Nov 2011


Arrival Sunday afternoon for a calming and peaceful introduction in the hall. We stored our yoga equipment in the hall we were to use for our yoga practice and Yoga 5 Day Remedial Therapeutic Course at Domus Mariae at Woodford

After introductions we all retired to our rooms. The room was on the second floor, but a lift is available to get all to their rooms. My room was imaculately clean and ready for my use. It was sparse but perfect for my bedroom needs. At the end of the hall were kitchnette facilities for drinks and breakfast.


What a wonderful opportunity to wake up and go to the hall and do my personal practice without any of the burdens from home. These daily practices without distractions have allowed me to develop my practice and allow work on class plans for my yoga students.

Each Morning at 10am to 11.30am we had a led yoga practice taking consideration of the differing Multiple Sclerosis problems and adapted with those considerations in mind. I knew I was lucky to be more able bodied than some, but my little extra needs were gently dealt with. My hands are weak and I could not hold the knees in position for certain poses and they soon came to support me. Even though my core is strong enough to give support, that would have not provided the benefits the asana was supposed to give. Both Ineke and the helper Mary helped me during our daily practice to ensure I practiced properly and got the full benefit. It was greatly appreciated.
At noon we settled into a comfortable position and was guided into a 20 minute mediation with Ineke. By Friday I was consciously aware of how much more settled I was in myself, simply by taking a 20 minute quiet time to mediate and focus on my breath.


The mediatation was immediately followed by lunch, that took into account everyone’s dietary needs (and for a group of 9 there many variations!) and they produced a delicious lunchtime meal.

After lunch until 3.30, it was our own free time. I personally took the opportunity to take a nap, after the manditory mobile call to husband from the room.

The theme of this retreat was nutrition, especially considering Ayurveda. A new subject to me, we did a test and my Dosha and Gunas and apparently I am rajestic Kapha. It was interesting and kind of scary how a simple test can pin down the elements of who I am. There are special diets that support the type of person you are but, I definitely need to digest the information before I change the food I choose to digest. It is quite empowering to think I could actually take some control over this nuisance that is Multiple Sclerosis with a simple change to my diet. I am looking into an alternitive to dairy products. Apparently there has been a lot of study into how dairy has a detrimental effort on people with Multiple Soclerosis, although I think it could be the population as a whole. Lots of homework for me, and perhaps share with the family at home.


I must admit to missing out on most of the evening talks – my MS ensured I took to my bed early. Thursday night, however, I was more rested – just in time to go home. It was a calm moment to share music, poems, stories that were important to us. The top is a picture of my Dad holding my Grandaughter on the day she was born I attached above Poem “I wish you enough..” and below an extract from “Yogi’s Prayer” I shared from Mukanda Stiles “Structural Yoga Theraphy”

May everyone know a life of joy

May everyone have a life of health

May everyone only see the good in the world

May everyone soon be released from Pain

I am almost a fully qualified yoga teacher, only needing to two more observed interviews. June has kindly agreed to mentor me to help me reach my goal with and be more able to help others in my the MS community.