Saturday, April 23, 2011

It is all about balance

Well is all about....


I am preparing on my focus and the best ways to do that is do my perfect day dream board...


and don't forget the sunshine... and smiles and laughter with love and best intentions


Nellie at yoga

Friday, April 15, 2011

!!! I'm Very Excited !!!



Yoga Academy Graduation....

So busy busy busy ... isn't it great!

Smiles and laughter always with best intentions


Thursday, April 14, 2011

What is yoga?

What is yoga?   From the Upanishads - an ancient Sanskrit text

Yoga is breath
Yoga is balance
Yoga is harmony
Yoga is movement
Yoga is stillness
Yoga is an evenness of mind
A peace that is ever the same

I hope give my students a very personal practice with yoga as they breathe and move within their own personal limits.
I want to bring Yoga Smiles to people I know
As always i wish you smiles and laughter with the very best intentions

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beginners of yoga

Beginners of yoga


Information for beginners of yoga

Do not a large meal less than two hours before class, and a snack an hour before class. Remember it is about reaching your personal potential best

What is Yoga?    Yoga is action, using breathes with movement to optimise your physical optimum condition and calm your mind. Help you reach YOUR physical, emotional and cognitive potential.

Why you can do yoga - Anyone who is able to breathe can benefit from yoga and feel better.

What to wear in yoga? – the most appropriate clothes will be comfortably fitting clothes that allow movement, for example leggings and a top that does not fall down if you bend over.
Yoga is normally preformed bare footed (no socks or shoes/trainers)
Wear appropriate clothing, for example

Where? – can be practiced anywhere but the more space better, a yoga centre or hall that is specifically for yoga is the normal setting for a class,

How? – Guided by yoga teacher at whatever pace is appropriate for you today – and it will change with every practice. It about what you can do – and as long as you can breathe you can do something.

Who? – I am your yoga teacher and insured with the British Wheel of Yoga. I will help you as we practice yoga, discussing your personal props and modifications. If during practice you need to rest – then do so – your body has the best idea of what you need today. I will demonstrate the 3 rest poses in your first class, Savasanaa (corpse. –rest on back) balasana (child pose) and Sukasana (easy pose)

I know how yoga can help, it helped me manage a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. in February 1998....

Any more questions?