Friday, May 13, 2011

ok focus.... I get it but....

I need to get my Beginners yoga class for people with Multiple Sclerosis delivered to The Yoga Academy but...

An opportunity to utilise facebook arose via social network company and I'm designing a page Yoga for people with MS given by people with MS.


subjectOld Ashburton Library
hide details 9 May (4 days ago)
Subject to Contract & Without Prejudice

Dear Karen

Your email has been passed to me as my team deal with the Council’s property portfolio and are currently looking at options in connection with the old Ashburton Library.

This is surplus to our requirements and has been identified as a property that we will be considering for community use We are currently putting together a report on the various options together with a brochure which will provide basic details about the property and will encourage local community groups to register interest with details of their proposals, how these will be funded, what the benefits to the community will be etc.

The date when the brochure will be circulated has not yet been decided but your interest has been noted and you will certainly be sent a copy of the brochure once this has been approved. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss matters further.

Kind regards


Steve Wingrave
Strategic Estates Manager
Regeneration & Infrastructure
Planning Regeneration & Conservation
3rd Floor South Side
Taberner House
Park Lane
Croydon CR9 1JR

Then there is also The Hope Foundation and the event tt8 are organising for 6th August in aid of this worthy course....

......................don't forget life essentials.... finally

I will set my priorites and then...

    ! ! !   F O C U S ! ! !

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ahhhh F O C U S that is the key significant point of direction... FOCUS

Back from The Yoga Academy final intensive from tt8. A new beginning for us my main point of direction and key word to summarise the last 18 months is FOCUS.

I'm always busy busy busy and manic but that could because of lack of focus with all the busy times. Now is a new begining and for today, to help me focus I need to measure how much "stuff" is floating in my life.

Now, in no specific or more accurately completely random order I will contemplate on my focus and decide my priorities and respect the opportunities I have enjoyed and move into my
The Hope Foundation is one of mine and the rest of my friends and peers form TT8. At the moment an Charity Yoga day is being planned for Saturday 6th August 2011 at a venue in Wimbledon village.TT8 want to support Simon in his duties as patron for the charity with a fantastic and fun Yoga day.

I have some details to conclude, even though I CAN TEACH, for me to be a fully qualified teacher. My focus is to get that done by the day of Yoga in August.