Friday, January 28, 2011

Yoga saved Me!

Following worsening Multiple Sclerosis symptoms since August 2007 after 18 years at the Building Society I have not been able to work I felt I resembled a person of low worth. I never anticipated being powerless to continue with my much enjoyed voluntary of Charity Coordinator. I could not make a difference as I helped other people in need within the community. All that maintained any positivity in my normal incredible positive attitude is my love of yoga. Yoga helped me manage the various visible and invisible symptoms that Multiple Sclerosis bestows upon us. My practice of yoga enabled me to balance the despondency and maintain my renowned positive attitude.

I reviewed the Yoga Show and set the intention to attend and absorb myself completely in the yoga experience. I discovered an opportunity to participate in the first Yoga Aid challenge and the opportunity to help a yoga charity. I might be valuable for a moment.

I discovered my own personal paradise when I visited the Special Yoga. I and enjoyed a couple of classes and workshops. One workshop was for existing yoga teachers to learn the skills to help people with ME. MS is different from ME but there enough similarities to sanction my attendance. Fiona Agombar was inspired by my tenacity and the workshop for people for MS was created.

On Sunday 2nd November 2008 at 7:30am I arrived at The Yoga Show with 150 others ready to take part in the Yoga Aid challenge. At last I was doing something important again. After completing 3 hours of yoga I was more than chuffed to be the recipient meditation beads as a reward. I was not expecting more but I did receipt the unforeseen.

I was invited to the front where Clive Mayhew the founder of Yoga Aid, told every one of my own personal challenge with MS and my dream of becoming a Yoga Teacher. I was then told I had been given a scholarship. I was going to be given the training I needed. My husband was amazed as I was stunned into silence, a true miracle must have happened.
Now, two years later, I can teach yoga plus I help out on the workshops to help other Yoga teachers on how to assist their students with Multiple Sclerosis.

In Croydon I can teach yoga to my friends with MS in the Croydon MS branch but need to find appropriate premises. For an unknown reason the church hall where we gather rejected Yoga being taught in their premises. Yoga is not a religion but an ancient philosophy, but it is my next challenge.. However I discovered the local Buddhist Centre were looking for new premises, so I informed them of the availability of a disused library in a park. I support them in their quest to find premises while I maintain my search for humbler disabled friendly premises to let.

Life has never been so good and rewarding.

Karen Mascoll, Yoga Teacher.